The Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise Edition is a specific response to market demands for a highly reliable enterprise class database software solution.  With the voluminous data and information assets being generated by companies, the need for reliable and robust application that can handle large databases became increasingly important.  

The introduction of SQL Server Enterprise edition effectively addresses this need.  The database solution can perform optimally to overcome several availability issues.   Company database administrators therefore can tweak and perform management task through online operations thus effectively avoiding unproductive downtimes and enhancing the utilization of virtual environments to minimize the effects of database crashes.

The advantage of using SQL Server Enterprise lies on its ability to perform faster storage and query operations on database of up to 500 gigabytes size.  The faster processing and deployment of data can significantly enhance the productivity of the database thus improving also the utilization of the company’s information assets.

The Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise edition also offers extreme scalability in order to better manage the database.  The application allows administrators to scale the database according to the most immediate needs of the company.  And as data grows, the system can also be scaled to save on computing resource.

The most important advantage of SQL Server Enterprise is the minimization or eventual abolition of database server downtimes.  The database will always be available and online even when critical upgrades are being done on the server, operating system, and other tools.  Avoiding downtimes will provide advantage for companies because they can continue the business processes without interruption.

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