The Anglia Support Partnership or ASP and the ECDL NHS UK Learning Portal

Generally of educators and academicians would claim that learning is further enhanced and well achieved when it is supported by an equally powerful, third party supplier of knowledge – which can be another person, an institution, or a far more effective learning method.  The support that a third party institution can give to a learning mechanism is immense and at times indispensable.  This is the reason why the National Health Service has thought about reaching out for the fusion of the Anglia Support Partnership and its NHS ECDL Portal Learning built in the United Kingdom. 

The National Health Service is aware of the essential contribution of the partnership and agreement between ASP and its Learning Portal. With the partnership that it has with ASP, a more effective learning and a better learning environment will be achieved.  In particular, the fusion between ASP and NHS Learning Portal has re-directed the learning methods of its purveyor of knowledge and at same time uplifting the standards of effective teaching.  Not to mention, it has allowed for the integration of modern technology and learning effectively. 

With the ASP at hand, the learning methods are geared towards having lecture sessions with the trainers on a per-computer, per attendee scheme; the use of the latest and up-to-date educational software and programs; the chance for its students to learn on his own and with the trainer’s support when needed thru the use of the online portal; and lastly, the implementation of the 24×7 online support and learning portal via the Internet. 

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