The Approach on Customer Relationship Management

Customer relationship is often referred to as how a company deals with its customers in terms of their delivery of product and services.  It was also known for attending to their customer’s complaints and provides immediate action on the issue that needs to be resolved.  Customer relationship was construed then to mean, serving customers right and making them happy.

In this modern world customer relationship management has a broad coverage, which involves knowing your customer’s needs, and wants and seeing to it that your company is able to retain customers and same time increase its number.  Customer relationship man agent is the practice of knowing out intelligently on how marketing, selling and servicing to customers should be done.  It is now centered on not just making customers happy but enabling companies to increase revenue as well. 

The following are the three aspects of customer relationship management, which can be carried out even without the other: 1.  It is operational. Every interaction with a customer is added
     to the customer’s contact history.  The company can access
     information on customers from the database if necessary,
     thus customers can interact anyone from the company
     without getting into the history every time interaction transpire. 2.  It is collaborative.  The program is able to communicate
      to the customer without the company’s sales or service
      representative.  It is done by self-service. 3.  It is analytical. Customer information are analyze for
     multiple purposes.

Customer relationship management is not just a technology but is also a complete approach for company’s philosophy in dealing with their customers.  The customer relationship management strategy success must consider the company specific stands on its objectives and at the same time value its customers needs and expectations.

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