The decision may come easy when the company sees the benefit that TOGAF is going to bring to company. In their aim to achieve goals and rise over their competitors in the market, they will be inclined to implement something that will be most helpful to them.  

Upon agreeing that TOGAF or architecture planning is what they need, they would be ready to take on an architecture project. Usually this would be taken by an architecture team typically headed by the architect. It is the job of the architect of the project to find out the needs and requirements of the company. The architect would then have to come up with guidelines which the rest of the team would have to follow. The architect would only be able to function effectively if he understands each component of the business.  He would have to get involved in the consultations on how these needs can be met. Various solutions may be presented to the company until the architecture team and the company management reaches a common ground. The architecture project would then push through.

Verification and revalidation of the assumptions are done. Experts are also brought in to further improve and to further fine tune the model. This step is necessary so as to make sure that needs and requirements are met. It is for the architect to assess the results of this step.  Implementation would be done by the rest of the team. The architect would still be there to oversee things. He would see to it that the model is still providing a good solution to the company needs. He would also make improvements where necessary.

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