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Ivanka Menken Cloud Computing

IT Service Management in the switch from legacy system to Cloud Computing

The Art of Service

Delivering Cloud Computing systems with Service Management: How Information Technology develops and manages activities and processes that align to create IT services and products that matter.

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ITIL® and itsm professionals like to watch?!
Yesterday i attended a seminar on successful social media strategies for businesses and one of the research that was quoted, came from forrester. It’s about the way people interact with social media, and basically talks about different ‘demographics’ of people.1 july 2010 – rip ITIL® v2 foundation exam
Today is the 8th of may 2010 which means that there is less than 2 months left for the ITIL® v2 foundation certification exam. From july 1st onwards students can only sit the ITIL® v3 foundation exam.

What colour is your ITIL® pin?
Earlier this week i wrote an article about the ITIL® v2 foundation exams that will retire on june 30th, but the same is true for the ITIL® v2 practitioner exams. Granted, you have a little bit more time but after august 31st 2010 these exams also won’t be available anymore.

Cloud Computing

Keys To Success In Cloud Computing
Seems everyone wants a piece of the cloud computing market. In a panel moderated by CRN Senior Editor Steve Burke during Wednesday’s “Cloud Computing’s All the Rage” virtual trade show sponsored by Everything Channel, participants discussed how to be successful in the space that is taking the industry by storm.Cloud Computing: How Big is Big Data? IDC’s Answer
The future torrent of data poses challenges around search, privacy and compliance, IT staffing, and more.’s Bernard Golden looks at IDC’s 2010 Digital Universe Study and concludes that IDC underestimates how much of that data will live in the cloud.

Cloud Computing Poses Control Issues for IT
Though most U.S. companies still list customer and other corporate information as their most valuable assets, many keep pushing this data farther from safe lockdown in the data center–and are about to give it another strong shove in that direction.

Virtual Trade Show: 10 Best Practices For Cloud Computing
With cloud computing dominating the headlines of technology publications these days, solution providers are increasingly trying to educate themselves on how they can implement these new solutions for profitably and efficiency. Andrew Hickey, senior editor at CRN, moderated a discussion on 10 Best Practices For Cloud Computing, during today’s “Cloud Computing’s All the Rage,” a virtual trade show sponsored by Everything Channel.

Microsoft Details Azure Cloud Development
Microsoft is plunging into cloud services to give its customers a range of choices in public and private cloud computing, said Doug Hauger, general manager of Windows Azure, at the All About the Cloud show in San Francisco Tuesday.

Top 25 Global Cloud Services Providers
The following is a list of what Scott Dobson of Cloud Distribution News believes are the Top 25 Global Cloud Services Providers gaining mind share in the first quarter of 2010.

Social Media

Why Your Small Business Needs Social Media Geeks as Customers
There is a generally accepted statistic in the online world that points to an average of about 1 percent of any population will be active content creators, 9 percent will be participants and the other 90 percent will simply “consume” that content online. If you believe those numbers, then the easy conclusion is to say that 1 percent is so insignificant that to focus on reaching individuals who fit into this category would just be foolish. In fact, your small business should ask just the opposite question … how many of this 1 percent can you make into your customers?The Social Media Bubble
I’d like to advance a hypothesis: Despite all the excitement surrounding social media, the Internet isn’t connecting us as much as we think it is. It’s largely home to weak, artificial connections, what I call thin relationships.

Social media case studies from Harley-Davidson, Frito-Lay, Dell, + 7 more

Customer Service

Top 10 Customer Service Mistakes
Strong customer service is a valuable asset, especially in today’s high-tech-oriented, increasingly impersonal business world. Therefore, if you are aware of common customer service mistakes and avoid them, you may strengthen your position in a competitive market.Craig Newmark on better government through enlightened customer service
Would you “like” a government agency on Facebook? Would you “like” a service delivered by a .gov website? How would you feel if a government official “liked” you back? How would you like to be identified online?

LucyPhone Waits On Hold for Customer Service For You
Elevator jazz, assurances of “unusual call volumes,” having to leave your phone on speaker mode–waiting on hold stinks. Free service LucyPhone can listen to the hold music for you, then call you back when a real human picks up.

Project Management

Getting Back to Basics
When there’s a lot going on, we often push the fundamentals aside and forget the basic skills that have been part of our success. Project management has been a central part of my own success from the beginning of my career. So, when I’m faced with new challenges or when I’m wondering why a project isn’t going as well as I’d like, I remember this acronym: IPEMC.The Five Goals of a Project Manager
As a project manager, you need to manage people, money, suppliers, equipment–the list is never ending. The trick is to be focused. Set yourself five personal goals to achieve. If you can meet these simple goals for each project, then you will achieve total success.

Project management funny proverbs

Excellent Project Management Blogs

Application Development

Secure Application Development Report Expands Security Framework
A group of security pros offers a framework for comparing your secure application development practices with security initiatives from top companies. This year’s report contains information from 30 organizations, including Intel, Bank of America and Microsoft.Consumer Report: Here Comes iAd
In iPhone application development, as well as the new media “pull” model of consumption, you have two evils you can often choose from.

The Future of Mobile Application Development – Web or Native?
According to a recent study by Global Intelligence Alliance, these are the top three reasons (in order of relevance) companies still prefer native mobile applications.

Web Development

Tools for rapid Web development
With WYSIWYG prototyping environments and preconfigured graphical components, rapid Web development tools can help you build applications faster — but with less flexibilityThe State of Web Development 2010
Welcome to this detailed report from our second “State of Web Development” survey of professional web designers and developers. It includes details and analysis of all the responses to over 50 ques­tions covering technologies, tech niques, philosophies and practices that today’s web profes sion als employ.

15+ Great Ways to Find Web Design and Development Work

For web designers and developers looking to take on new projects, the Internet offers a great number of onlineresources that can help them find work. Though the competition for jobs is fierce (and on a few of the sites below, that competition is the whole point), whether you’re looking for a full-time career, a contract project, some quick freelance work, or something else, the web offers designers and developers a wealth of job opportunities — if you know where to look.


Augmented Reality with Adidas Shoes
Sure, we’ve all seen augmented reality done for advertising products before, however, I’ve never really seen anything like this until today.Crazy DIY Project: Three-Level Imperial Walker Bunk Bed
Not to be outdone by the guy who built an Imperial Walker bunk bed for his son, one of our readers built a triple bunk bed Imperial Walker. Crazy? Yes. Awesome? Oh yes!

Three Gadgets For The Entrepreneur On-The-Go
Gadgets rock. Unless, of course they don’t. Gadgets that don’t rock always have a few things in common: Complicated, confusing and buggy. Gadgets that DO rock, on the other hand, are often simple, intuitive and heck..functional.

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