We’ve had many questions regarding our strategy, positioning and differentiator in the marketplace.

Here’s what having a relationship with the Art of Service means. We….

1. Created a highly recognizable brand name.
We differentiate on several basis valued by target customers, such as quality, special features, service, and performance reliability. The key we’ve found is branding backed by a superior promise and consistently superior service.

2. Use innovation to build a reputation as the market leader.
We differentiate by having learning programs, Toolkits, and books that lead the market, are more innovative than the competition. That’s not an easy strategy to execute, because we’ll need to be constantly innovating in order to stay ahead, and we do. We’ve got leadership, and we tell people about it effectively. The Brand “The Art of Service” uniquely differentiates its products because, in the minds of our customers, it means that they’d be getting the latest and greatest in IT Management thinking.

3. Generate word-of-mouth endorsements from customers and the public at large.
The Art of Service starts with a great customer experience, which means a good product that generates goodwill. A lot of people like recommending our services and products simply because they truly enjoy them, so our job is to make it easier for them to share their great experience. This is as simple as a ‘tell a friend’ button or a coupon that we give customers to pass on to their friends and colleagues. And yes, we’re really certain that we have lots of happy customers, as we’ve provided Web forums and blogs where customers can share their experiences.

4. Have SERVICE as a hook that creates a preference for our products.
In today’s markets, everything is either a commodity or in the process of becoming a commodity. In a commodity market, every product in a category does the same thing, has the same features, and has the same high quality. Without those, you simply go out of business. The challenge is to make clients choose our product over the others. To do that, we’ve identified that the core of what we deliver, what our clients want, is SERVICE.  And because of this, our clients continually pick our product rather than the virtually identical product in the ITIL® learning space.

5. Have Convinced the leading edge of the market that our product is superior.

We have found the outer edges of the market, the people who are a bit off the curve, and built products that makes sense to them. Experienced Managers and career driven IT Professionals instantly recognize that our products are better.

6. Build a uniquely superior product.
Our products are demonstrably better than the competition. It has features and functions nobody else has, and a reputation for being wrapped in Service.

7. Create a hassle-free experience.
Our products are easier to buy and use than the competitor’s.
We’ve created a hassle-free experience, and generate extensive positive word of mouth. We’ve made it easy for our customers to sell for us.

8. Take ownership of the customer’s results.
In addition to providing the product, we, in many cases, take responsibility for ensuring that it generates the results the customer seeks. Including training and support that ensures your purchase will meet your organization’s performance expectations.

There you have it, the 8 core values of The Art of Service – Focusing on Service and repeating again and again. The results speak for themselves — great growth for 10 years in a row.

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