$83 / Month when paid annually

$104 / month when paid annually

Why join?

What's included each month?

Each month you receive a link to the dropbox folder with the featured toolkits. 

Each Toolkit has an easy to follow 3-step approach.

What other people say about The Toolkit Subscription

Really good offer which you have set up and extremely valuable and useful information content you are putting out to people.
IT Consultant
I really appreciate the diversity of the subjects.
Organizational Change Consultant

Frequently Asked Questions

That’s the whole idea behind the Toolkit Subscription. Every month you receive a selection of toolkits that you can download, save on your own computer and use whenever the subject becomes important to you.

Our Gold members receive an invite to our monthly VIP forum. This is a 30 minute live video group meeting with Ivanka Menken and your peers where you can ask anything in relation to the toolkits, how to use them and how to get the most value from the toolkits. 
You can ask questions about a specific toolkit of question where you’re stuck Ivanka will coach you to find the answer.

Basically it’s 30 minutes of free consultancy each month.

If you are a gold member you have the ability to request toolkits that are of interest to you personally. 

This is a great way to ensure you receive toolkits that will help you in your career (without having to pay the full price of USD$249 for the toolkit).

All requests are collected and each month we select a number of topics that are added to the subscription folder.

Each month we create a new folder with 5 – 15 toolkits (5 for bronze members, 15 for silver and gold members).

You have access to all the content in the folder for the entire month.

Once the month is over you receive a new link to the new monthly folder while the old link is deleted. 

You can download all the toolkits each month to have access to them in the future.

Yes you can. You can upgrade to the annual plan at any point.

All Products and Services sold by The Art of Service are in US dollars. Where ever you see a $ sign you need to keep in mind that this is USD. (and use the exchange rate to your local currency)

Contacting us is easy: You can call us in the office on +61 (0)7 3205 2596

Keep in mind that we are based in Australia which is 15 hours ahead of New York.

Prefer to type? Write your message in the box in the bottom right corner of this page. We respond within 12-24 hours.