The Available SQL Server Reporting Services in the Market

In gaining success and become more competitive particularly in the industry of information technology, every organization must move further in every sense of the word. This means organizations have to provide impeccable services and products to achieve customer satisfaction, synchronized and real time system.

With the innovative trademark of Microsoft, it introduced the Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services that has the capabilities of transforming organization’s relevant and important enterprise data into a kind of data that can be shared, data that can be discerned, and data that is cost-efficient because it only requires a total that has lower cost.

SQL Server Reporting Services is designed to meet the criteria of being:  wide-ranging, server-based solution that permits creation, data management, and delivery of reports that are internet-based and interactive at the same time. It also delivers reports in traditional means in the form of paper-oriented reports.

The SQL Server Reporting Services solution is also capable of combining data management capabilities of both SQL Server and Microsoft Windows Server. It employs familiar Microsoft Office System applications so that real-time delivery of information and reports can be done as well as the operations that involve regular and drive decisions.

Finally, for the integrated architecture of SQL Server Reporting Services the following are the features that it supports:
1.    In Full Reporting Life Cycle Support they have:
•    Report authoring
•    Report management
•    Report delivery
•    Report security
2.    In Key Reporting Scenarios they have:
•    Enterprise reporting
•    Ad-hoc reporting
•    Embedded reporting
•    Web-based reporting for partners and customers

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