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July 1 ,2011
The Bank of Israel Launched an ERP System for Advanced Management of Work Processes

The Bank of Israel successfully launched an ERP system on July 1, 2011 as planned.

Last Friday, July 1st, the Bank of Israel teemed with activity as a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, developed by SAP, went live. The system was the result of the efforts of numerous employees and workers of the Malam TEAM firm. Employees at the Bank wore shirts emblazoned with “ERP–It’s Here Now”.

With the implementation, the Bank of Israel joins the ranks of central banks around the world who have implemented an ERP system. The project was a complex one administratively, logistically, and professionally.

ERP is the general name for a system which integrates various operational areas of an organization into one system. This allows cross–enterprise work processes on one system, based on one unified database.

The system contributes to efficient management, control, and access to information. It replaces twenty-six older electronic systems or operations at the Bank. Those systems were mostly based on old technologies with relatively low level of control.

The comptroller’s office, budget and pricing, human resources, purchasing, logistics, and the Publication Unit’s sales function were the first to adapt the new system. Other areas involved were the website, the reporting and reports module (Business Warehouse), and the document archive module.

In Phase II, the human resources module is to be expanded.

The ERP system implemented at the Bank is developed by global technology company SAP, and the system was integrated at the Bank by Malam Systems.

The successful implementation of the system is the result of a year of planning, preparation, intense and dedicated work of all the partners in the project, and their productive collaboration.

The project was managed by Raphael Lankri, the Director of the Human Resources and Administration Department and the Head of the Comptroller’s Office and Payment and Settlement Systems, together with the Bank’s Information Technology Department. The steering committee was headed by Bank’s Director General, Hezi (Ezekiel) Kalo.

About two hundred people, including one hundred and fifty Bank of Israel employees and fifty Malam Systems employees and other consultants, worked for thirteen months on the project.


The project began in June, 2010, and was divided into two phases:

Phase I: Launched, as planned, on July 1, 2011
Phase II: Planned to go live in June, 2012

Mr. Lankri sees the project as a continuation of the successful reorganization of the Bank, and attributes the success of these major projects to the professionalism and dedication of the workers and managers, the productive collaboration between the Bank and workers’ representatives, as well as the backing of the Governor of the Bank of Israel, Prof. Stanley Fischer, the Director General of the Bank, and the Bank’s management. Mr. Lankri added that this system, which was prepared with the productive collaboration with Malam, will in the future assist the progress of the Bank toward the high standards that it has set for itself.



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