When you are in need of relevant and pertinent information that concerns your Drupal software, the only best place to go is the Drupal Home page site.  Every established company has a website to offer – the one that is properly maintained and periodically updated.  The Drupal makers have also made one which home page is enticingly attractive.  

The Home page of the Drupal software is where you can initially have a view about the website can actually offer.  More often than not, when you visit an official web page, the things that you see on the home page are the usual stories about how the company has evolved or some anecdotal stories about how the software came into what it is at the moment.  But when you visit the Drupal home page, what you will basically encounter are things that can be best offered by Drupal or some personal testimonies of the actual users of the software.  This form of a home page practically diverts your attention into knowing the software better as it impacts your interest and your drive to use it further.

Although the Home page of the Drupal site is seemingly flawless because it is being maintained very well by a group of specialists in web designing and content management, however, there are still some reported issues about the Drupal home page that looked like messed up and all but these incidents are practically isolated cases and have been resolved by the specialist team who relentlessly work on making it better and functional.

The Drupal Core is the released system of Drupal which comprises of the general and common features that are contained on fundamentally all of Content Management Systems.  These features are effective management of the system menus, management of the registration and maintenance of the account of the user, Real Simple Syndicate feeds, layout customization, and versatile privileges for accounts.  

The Drupal Core System has core modules that help the whole functionalities of the system. Below are some of the core modules which have the following features:

a.    Logging and statistics access.  This menu allows the user and the administrator to gain access to all activities that transpired on the system detecting any unauthorized access to be traced easily.
b.    Search function.  With the advanced search feature that is included on the Drupal modules, locating for specific entity or content can be easily performed.  
c.    Forum polls and ability to comment.  The Drupal System was specifically designed to supplement web features and needs such as web logging and forum posting. With this module, the ability to post comments on the web log or able to support forum needs, then the realization of the prime objective of the Drupal system has been attained.  
d.    Effective Descriptive mechanism on URL.  There is a module on Drupal that allows for a better description on the URL rather than merely embarking on a generic URL address.  
e.    Diverse system level of the menus.  The Drupal Core has a designated module that carries on supervising the menu levels of the system or the website that was designed.  

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