In understating the information available in doing analysis of log files of your web site you should also have to have knowledge in statistics, details and processes concerning the basics of the web server log file.

Website management is fundamental in understanding the depth of log file analysis. However, understanding should also be empowered with other driving factors in getting high-end results for your e-commerce business which means plain statistics is not enough at all. You don’t just work to know how many and who visited your site, you also have to know how users navigated your site and eventually purchase a product or employ a certain kind of service from your business.

So, for in the information you have to know about server logs it should be noted that web server logs are plain text or in ASCII format files which is in fact independent to the server platform. Also, there are four kinds of server logs just so you know there are in fact differences between server software. The four kinds of server logs are: transfer access log, error log, agent log, and referrer log.

Transfer (access) log and error log are two log files that are considered to be standard. This is because the last two log files can not be turned on at the server. Referrer log and agent log can be however added to the transfer log file that will result in creation of log file “extended” format. Finally, transactions like the HTTP protocol which can be either completed or not can also be recorded in the logs or in more than one log.

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