Agile Configuration Management continues the abilities the core configuration management Agile PLM. It provides a serialized or sequential configuration control that is incorporated in the management procedures and change identification. This kind of configuration allows the manufacturers of immensely customized products to make sure that the delivered products are met with the precise clients order. Agile Configuration Management also guarantees the distinctiveness among the configurations is identified and tracked at all times. This system gets rid of configuration management procedure to ensure precise, latest configuration control all through out the products life. While doing the process, this kind of configuration management drives down internal costs for the organization. By using Agile Configuration Management, you can get rid of expensive redesigns and recalls. This gives you an exact product configuration insight while the item is transported to the customer. It also sets up the as delivered baseline, letting the manufacturers and producers to enhance the support during the service. What are the benefits of Agile Configuration Management: Using Agile Configuration Management can provide you with 60% faster RFQs response. This can also decrease 40% of the amount of engineering change orders. This configuration also expands the knowledge and understanding of the impact and other negative effects of product changes on fulfilling market demands and customer requirements. Agile Configuration Management can help you cut the inaccuracies in the requirement. This would include the flow down for projects that are engineered-to-order by 90%. Agile Configuration Management will aid you to easily and effectively carry out the product transportation and provide your customers with quality service. This configuration management is an efficient tool to save you time, money and other unnecessary costs.

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