Enterprise architect is a practitioner, whether individual or team of enterprise architecture. Enterprise architect refers to the organizing logic behind the interrelations of business strategy and information technology investments. It has different components which are: business architecture referring to the business processes and its organizational structure, application solution architecture which refers to the applications that support the business processes, technology architecture which is the infrastructure that supports the applications and information/data architecture which is the information that supports the applications.

Why is enterprise architect training an advantage?

Generally, enterprise architecture is the same as architecture except that it has an enterprise scope attached to it. If a firm has some architectural platform, then it is possible that they will have a competitive advantage over other firms. Therefore, attending an enterprise architect training is a potential that can be tapped by firms. There are enterprise architect trainings that are being conducted basically to give an idea of what enterprise architect is all about, to be able to alert the participants on the pitfalls of a large organization and how to find solutions to organization problems.

The training for enterprise architect is usually intended for architecture teams who need to know if they are doing right or wrong. So if your team is interested to attend an enterprise architect training, just look online. Online websites also offer in-house training or a four-day workshop. Enrolling in an enterprise architect training is the basic thing to do if you want to know if you are in the right track.

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