Recently, there is a new job that circles the business world. It is a title that resembles that obtained by a karate mentor than a business expert. This is called the Six Sigma Black Belt. Large companies have incorporated the use of Six Sigma in their approach to management.

After a few years, it has been popular to most corporations that it is already being used by small and medium size companies. This has lead to the development of six sigma training of various depths. There are various titles a business professional can get. This is the Six Sigma green belts, yellow belts, black belts, and the master black belt.

So what are the differences between these titles? It resembles the karate lingo that exemplifies the intensity of power and skill. The person with the title of Six Sigma green belt has the knowledge of the various statistical tools and is usually assigned to get the measurements and data for the projects. On the other hand, the person with the title Six Sigma Black Belt is the instructor and the coach of the green belt. He dedicates his time in finding ways to influence and motivate positive change in the workplace.

Moreover, he is the one who assesses and comes up with complex ideas to further improve the task. The person with the title of Master Black Belt trains the other black belts. Having a certified six sigma black belt will be a great credential. Over two decades, Six Sigma has been used as a form of business strategy.

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