The number of people seeking education is something that is almost always on the rise, and the only way to respond is to make education as efficient as possible, and this necessarily means a lot of things.

Of course, there would still be the basic and time-tested way of building more schools and such, as well as fielding more teachers to basically man the fort against the rising number of education-seekers. Innovation is one of the steps, and as everything is getting complicated today, it’s always good to use old knowledge and turn it into new knowledge. This is what podcasting offers to the educators.

Podcasting is just audio recordings, and is much like tape recording, but in this, it is posted on the Internet, where the people could hear them out as conveniently as possible wherever they may be.

It could also be heard again and again for as long as it remains posted, which is something really important to the students who will have to learn to do and understand things from the perspective of listening.

Now podcasting could be used by educators, who have a number of tasks to fill up on any given work day, and it is even time-efficient, as he could necessarily do it on his own free time, which is also the same with his students.

Podcasting does not necessarily equate to better student grades or appreciation if it is not explained thoroughly on them, as to its importance and benefits. It is also not enough in making a class work, and constant classroom interactions are still important so basically podcasting is just an alternative teaching method if all else fails.

Podcasting is not a tool to change the method of teaching but a great addition to many great alternatives of education.

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