It is important for businesses today to think ahead and plan for the unexpected. Especially
these days where security threats and natural disasters are likely to happen, businesses
should prepare and plan for a definite emergency measure.

Building a business continuity and disaster recovery plan are two of the most essential
preparations of a company in cases of disaster. These two aspects of emergency planning
works hand in hand to help the company mitigate the effects of the disaster. However,
these strategic planning cannot 100 % guarantee that there will be no loss in assets and
investments. Of course, when disaster hits particularly natural calamities, there will be
damages and costs incurred.  That is why business continuity and disaster recovery plan 
are developed to lessen the impact of disasters and prevent further damage.

In IT, maintaining its networking functions and system application are very important.
Business continuity creates a way to sustain its normal operations in event of disasters.
By creating an accurate plan to mitigate impact, business continuity develops guidelines
and procedures to follow when applications fail or network systems are down. There are
back up software and solutions to easily restore the normal functions of people and

Disaster recovery plans on the other hand also helps recover all the lost data and
information. This also includes data, investments and other lost physical assets that may
disrupt the operations of the business. These two aspects play an important role in
keeping the company from further destruction and damage.

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