Network management card is an important tool that provides convenience in protecting
the network systems. The UPS network management card gives a direct connection of
UPS to the network. It also supplies its own IP address eliminating the need to have
additional servers. This technology offers reliability and allows the UPS to restart hung
computer system.

Network management card has several benefits. This includes the ability to customize
actions to respond in case of power outages and determine various problem trends before
it develops to a more difficult threat. Also, event logging is one of the major features of
network management card. It can determine the order of events that leads to the incident.
Furthermore, this card has flash upgradeable firmware that can setup maintenance
releases of firmware distantly by applying FTP.

Network management is an important aspect of sustaining a faster and better network
system. Without proper maintenance, it is very difficult for IT managers, technicians and
network administrators to supervise and improve the network system of the company. It
is also impossible for IT companies to do all of these without the aid of applications and
network management card. This card provides a cheaper option for companies who want
to maintain excellent network system.

Also it provides security passwords to protect data and information of the company. Read
only access to file is also available in this technology. This feature will help in sharing
information and access without risking the security of the network system. This
technology will surely help companies in providing the best solution for maintenance and
security of the network.


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