The Benefits of Having an MCDST Certificate

The MCDST average passing grades is generally not known to the public.  Microsoft has developed a special rating system for this exam but normally a 75% average rating for the two exams would be enough to pass the certification process.  Training providers however are not taking any chances.  They usually require their students to get an average rating of 80% or even 90% in simulated practice exams.  If trainees get these ratings, then they could be allowed to take the actual MCDST tests.  If the rating falls below the average, training centers usually provide intensive coaching services to ensure the success of their trainees.

It is important to pass the MCDST exams in one sitting.  First, it would be cost beneficial for IT professionals.  The MCDST exam and certification process is expensive.  Normally, candidates would have to undergo trainings and review for basic Windows operating system troubleshooting.  Then they should also refresh their knowledge on different applications and programs that are running using the Windows system.  After these trainings and refresher courses, they must test their skills by taking mock exams.  Sometimes, free MCDST practice exams would be available.  But to increase the chances of candidates, training centers suggest the more comprehensive and updated paid simulated exams.

Trainees that will excel on their programs could get higher rating in simulated exams.  They can cut short their training process and proceed to take the actual MCDST exam.  This will definitely lower the cost of their preparation.  Once they get their certification from Microsoft, they will be more competitive in the IT industry.

To get a professional MCDST certificate, one needs to pass the MCDST core exams.  By successfully passing the MCDST exam, a professional certification from Microsoft will be issued and it is a badge that signifies competence in Windows based desktop systems. It is not very difficult to get an MCDST certificate.  Any entry level IT professional can get one by studying the MCDST module, attending trainings and review courses, and preparing for the exam.  If they can diligently follow these steps, they can surely ace the MCDST exams and get their coveted first level certification.

A professional who holds an MCDST certificate could benefit from the perks offered by Microsoft.  These professional bonuses are exclusive for those who have Microsoft certifications.  For example, an IT professional can get access to exclusive product support and information provided by Microsoft to its certified members.  They can also get numerous discounts and special rates for other advanced Microsoft training programs and certification exams.

An MCDST certification also gives entry level IT personnel an industry wide accolade and recognition for their competence in troubleshooting problems related to Windows based desktop systems.  It is also a good measure of their capability in maintaining any desktop environments.

Professional advancement is also part of the benefit of having an MCDST certificate.  As a Microsoft certified professional (MCP), they can be invited to conferences, free trainings, and professional seminars sponsored by the Microsoft corporation.  They can also get free access to online magazines and journals that are published by Microsoft.

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