The Drupal UK community is one of the most active and dynamic groups in the entire Drupal network. The Drupal user community in the UK is composed of core developers, programmers, website administrators, and regular users of the open source Drupal content management system.

For administrators residing in the United Kingdom, they can find a comprehensive list of the UK Drupal community on the network’s main website.  A dedicated site for the Drupal UK community can also be found linked on the network portal.  

By establishing links with Drupal community, administrators of site can learn valuable inputs regarding the different methods of improving the current deployment of Drupal CMS.  There are also regular updates on new module being developed both by core developers and ordinary users of Drupal content management framework.

For the UK based administrators, the Drupal network in England holds regular meetings and conferences for all Drupal users and those interested in it.  Usually, meet-ups are held in major cities around the country to provide lots of leeway for those outside of London.

The Drupal UK website can also be a good source for website professionals looking for jobs.  Usually, administrators of the UK groups posts job opportunities for Drupal professionals.  They are in constant need for developers and programmers because of the growing demand for the Drupal content management system.

To enjoy the dynamism of the Drupal UK group, administrators can simply register on their site and attend regular events, meetings and conferences sponsored by the network.

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