A knowledge management review is an important resource to determine the latest practice and techniques of the KM system. As an emerging management system, KM offers a developing approach to enterprise management. Its application is being created and recreated by its practitioners based on the actual result of its implementation. So, it is important to know the latest updates and innovations on knowledge management through reviews.

Knowledge management reviews are available in online journals, management portals, and technology websites. Comprehensive reviews however are generally available in published digests or books which can be purchased on the Internet. Companies can subscribe to these KM review books so that they wouldn’t miss an important management update.

Usually, knowledge management reviews offer a complete presentation of innovative ideas that can be used immediately by companies. This fresh knowledge is derived from the most recent practices of companies that deploy knowledge management as their corporate paradigm. Therefore the ideas presented are concrete and conform to real life situations. Analysts of these KM review publications organize and categorize the different practices and innovative ideas to make the publication easy to understand.

By subscribing to a knowledge management review publication, managers and the entire corporate leadership can access important knowledge resource centers. They can also directly communicate with publication analysts and editors if they want to clarify certain points raised in the publications. They can also directly post their management concerns and inputs in order to gather knowledge of other companies who also subscribe to KM reviews.

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