The Microsoft MCITP credential can be considered a badge of expertise for a specific IT field.  The certification will also highlight new skills and new levels of technical knowledge of IT administrators, support staff, and enterprise server managers. That is why the Microsoft MCITP certifications are essential in order to further enhance the careers of IT professionals.  

The current MCITP 2008 certification exam series covers seven IT specializations.  IT professionals can choose which exam flavor they could take that best corresponds to their current job roles and field of specialization.

The MCITP certification exams consist mainly of 2 to 3 prequalifying tests.  The first phase qualifies examinees to take the professional level exam.  The professional level exam on the other hand guarantees certification from Microsoft.  The two tier examination process is not an easy one.  Those who will take it should prepare thoroughly either through professional coaching services or self study.  

In order to confidently take the certification exam and pass it in one sitting, IT professionals should choose a module suitable for their line of work.  In this way, their preparation would not be too difficult.  For example, database administrators should take the MCITP Database Administrator or the MCITP Database Developer modules.  For help desk professionals, they must take the MCITP Consumer Support Technician.

Choosing the right type of certification exam is critical for the career of IT professionals.  They cannot use a Microsoft certification that is not suitable for their current job roles.  In this way, they can get the most benefit from the Microsoft MCITP certification process.

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