Have you experienced searching for documents on your company’s Intranet and failing to find what you need? The Google Enterprise Search Solutions could be the answer to your troubles. The Google Enterprise Search service is a comprehensive solution to increase the business intelligence of enterprises. The service utilizes software and hardware deployments to improve corporate search performance. For example, if you buy a Google Enterprise Search appliance, your company will be able to use Google’s search technology for faster and more intelligent search results. You will also get a hardware that can mine up to 30 million documents from your local servers and on public Internet servers. There are two main types of enterprise level Google search solutions. For medium sized businesses, there is the Google mini search appliance. It can be used to mine up to 300,000 data and files from local servers and Internet. It can also search for hundreds of different file types such as PDF, HTML, Lotus, Office files, and many others. For big organizations with large databases, there is the Google Search Appliance. This will enable your company to find data and files from almost unlimited sources. The maximum document count that can be mined using Search Appliance is 30 million. It also supports cross-database search so you will be able to get data and documents from different databases using any type of database software. By using Google Enterprise Search Solutions, your company will be able to reduce the time searching for important documents needed by your business. Your organization therefore can improve productivity which will have a direct impact on company profitability.

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