Web 2.0 templates offer many advantages.  Veteran or budding webmasters can use Web 2.0 templates to improve their existing websites or design a new one.  Templates designed for Web 2.0 use and applications could totally change the look and orientation of any static web pages.  The good news is, there lots of free Web 2.0 templates available on the Internet for download.

The most important advantage that webmasters can get from Web 2.0 templates is its cost benefit.  Web building and development are very expensive nowadays that some small businesses prefer to create their websites out of the available templates on the Internet.  For just a few dollars, company webmasters can get a whole set of Web 2.0 templates consisting of hundreds of designs and functionalities.  Of course there are free templates which are good for those who want to breakthrough their skills in web building and development. 

Another important advantage of using a Web 2.0 template is the time efficiency that webmasters can enjoy.  Creating a website is not easy especially for starting web designers.  There are lots of codes to be written and the pages should be designed individually.  With a Web 2.0 template, web design and editing can be on the fly.  Templates come in standard designs and sometimes can be customized by the designer.  If the basic framework has been set, editing and future updates would be easier

Lastly, Web 2.0 websites can attract more traffic than traditional static web pages.  This is probably the most important benefit that can be enjoyed by using Web 2.0 templates.

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