Web analytics packages are quite useful for websites offering their products and services because it can be a tool to increase sales. In terms of blogging, web analytics is an advantage to get to know readers and attract more readers.

The importance of a good web analytics package can never be underestimated. It is all about knowing the behavior of the readers and visitors of the website. It answers the questions of “Why are they clicking on this link and not the other link?” and "What kind of contents does the reader wants to read?” and others.

Other things that web analytics packages can do

First, web analytics packages could be used for marketing. Through this, a website owner can know who are the readers and what kind of efforts can work well and not.

Second, web analytics packages are used for advertising. The data collected can be utilized to put up a media kit for advertisers. Information such as the number of visitors a month and their geographic data can also determine the price of advertising on the website.

Third, web analytics packages can boost the website owner’s ego. Knowing that readers are interested in the website and appreciating it is reward enough.

There are various web analytics packages available online. For website owners who can’t decide which package he can use, he can read more about a report that compared all the web analytics packages. This report evaluated the various strengths and weaknesses of each package and can be quite useful for website owners.

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