WiMax technologies can offer numerous benefits not just for broadband service providers and telecommunication carriers but also for end-users.  The power and speed offered by WiMax networks can especially help business end-users to double their productivity due to enhanced connectivity and reliable network service.

The usefulness of WiMax technologies improved significantly with the introduction of mobile capabilities.  End-users can benefit from mobile broadband connections using different communication devices.  Broadband connections therefore can be accessed anywhere which could enable users to stay connected on their networks and perform jobs outside of their physical offices.

WiMax technologies also offer high speed data throughput for integrated wide area networks and it can also serve as the backbone of LAN enabled WiFi hotspots.  Mobile users therefore who need instant broadband connections can certainly benefit from WiMax technologies.

WiMax technologies also offer low cost infrastructure set up.  Service providers wanting to reduce their investments overhead on cabling installations can deploy WiMax solutions.  The low overhead cost of WiMax deployment and the improved connectivity could certainly help service providers develop their own business potential.  By providing excellent broadband service, they can certainly attract more subscribers while strengthening the loyalties of current customers.

WiMax technologies also follow strict standards as ratified by IEEE.  Interoperability with different systems therefore is possible.  This will eliminate the need for expensive migrations as WiMax can be integrated into existing technology infrastructures.  The capability of WiMax to interoperate with other technology systems also promotes business continuity.  Companies therefore can avoid opportunity losses caused by technology migrations. 

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