Landing page is one of the more commonly used terms in online and internet marketing.  As very well defined, the Internet marketing is the method that encompasses marketing and advertising your goods and products online.  More often, the way products are being advertised is via an embedded link on a website.  This is truly one of the best ways to lead potential clients to the place where they can learn more about the offerings.  This page is often referred to as the landing page.

The Landing page or at times called as the lead capture page represents every word there is on the marketing term.  This is the page that pops up when a prospective client accidentally or intentionally clicked on the advertisement link.  In addition, a landing page is the page that comes out from a link on the search engine result.  Normally, the page that comes out after the link has been clicked is the extended page of the advertising link.  This page will contain all specific details such as massively optimized keywords, key terms, and key fields that are used to attract the search engine when it begins indexing the search results.

The landing or the lead capture page is more often being customized to fit into what the online marketing tool desires to achieve.  For example, the online marketing tool, pay per click or the PPC, usually modifies and tweak the advertising link by injecting an additional parameter to the linked URL address.  This is made in order to gauge and calculate the effectiveness of the advertisement based from the clicks that the link has gained.

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