Imagine this. You will be given the chance to work for the Human Resources Department and you were asked to interview five applicants for a vacant position in your organization. Surprisingly, all of them are newly certified Six Sigma Black Belts with relevant job experiences. What particular qualities will you look for? This would be a very difficult situation to be into, knowing that you will have to pick a better candidate from a group of established individuals. To help you in coming up with such decision, here are some of the best qualities of Six Sigma Black Belts.

a) Excellent Communication Skills  Black Belts are known to be effective communicators since they were exposed in a group environment. They should be able to speak with confidence in front of a lot of people since most of the time they will be doing mentoring activities. b) Dedicated – Given the challenging task of leading a project, Black Belts should have a positive outlook in any given situation. They should be self-motivated and are expected to help the team reach their goals. c) Customer Advocate  Black Belts should communicate effectively the value of exceeding customer satisfaction. d) Team Player  With such an environment where the help of every person on the team counts, Black Belts should establish good working relationships with their subordinates and immediate supervisors to promote a more likeable working atmosphere. e) Results Oriented  Black Belts only have a single goal, which is to complete the project successfully. This is the reason why they need to work doubly hard to produce expected results.

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