An enterprise architecture infrastructure contains a lot of data that is used extensively in any organization. To define, the information in the enterprise architecture infrastructure can be said as an open base is continuously evolving, has a distinctly benchmarked set of standards and is shared by a whole variety of users. The enterprise architecture infrastructure also involves the different process that make it up, the people that run such processes, the procedures they follow, the tools the use and the technology that helps to support their many tasks. These people that work in enterprise architecture infrastructure are called infrastructure architects. These people have the responsibility to take on the requirements as well as the constraints that are defined by the person that is known as the enterprise architect. They also collaborate with the architect in charge of solutions in order to come up with a solid design for the supporting environment.

These are all done by specifying a design that is said to be top level when it comes to providing solutions while at the same time adhering to a defined set of constraints that are also specified by the other members of the organization. All infrastructures have different types of communities of architects, namely enterprise, infrastructure and solution. Among the three, the infrastructure architects serve as the meeting point of the other two architects, as his stand is the entire skeleton of the system   hence, the infrastructure where the different dictates and orders must be carried on for success to follow.

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