Landing pages are most commonly seen being applied and employed as part of marketing campaigns on the Internet especially those that are using the e-mail marketing strategy and the Pay Per Click marketing management.  Apparently, these are some of the common marketing strategies where landing pages are widely seen because of the easy actions that can be solicited from the potential client.  Below are some of the cases of actions that you expect potential clients will do using your landing page:

a. Call to act on clicking the link.  The link that you have included on your landing page is the connecting page or site where your company can make more effective marketing and making an upsell.  You expect that when a landing page has been encountered by the visitor, he or she will immediately point at the link.
b. Call to act on buying the product.  The transactional landing pages are commonly designed to make sure that the landing page is able to offer and eventually sell the product that they selling.  The landing page is a better way of ensuring that the visitor takes an action to buy.  
c. Call to act on permitting you to make a follow up.  Making a follow up is a marketing strategy that is proven to be effective. If you are able to call for an action to allow you send follow up e-mail or via phone call, then you are a notch higher towards making an upsell.
d. Call to act on encouraging visitors to tell his friend about the landing page.  The marketing strategy that is evidently cost effective and very efficient in driving sales is the word of mouth.  You do not pay these people to tell other people like their friends about the product. They are the living testimonials that the product is excellently made when you are able to let these people advertise the product on their own volition.  

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