There are many IT professional certifications for Cisco products.  Tests are given to evaluate the level of learning a candidate has acquired.  One of the tests given is the Cisco Certified Network Associate or the CCNA.  It has four courses starting with the networking basics which are also called the CCNA 1 after which a final exam is given under the CCNA 1 version 3.1.  Many companies rely on the network capabilities of Cisco equipment and technology.  This course is therefore ideal for those who are aspiring for a career in the networks and networking of Cisco.  For review purposes, there are already a few answers for the CCNA 1 version 3.1 final exam online.

CCNA has been dubbed as one of the best entry-level certification by the Certification Magazine.  Getting a certification in CCNA 1 version 3.1 will certainly increase a person’s IT qualifications worldwide.  With this certification, a person is able and qualified to install, operate and configure LAN, WAN, and other network and networking facilities and services. Fortunately, many online companies are now offering CCNA 1 version 3.1 in their courses and will even help the candidate in reviewing the answers on the final exams so that they are prepared and ready.

Once the candidate has successfully given the correct answers and passed the final exams for the CCNA version 3.1, the certification given is valid for three years after which the CCNA certificate holder must re-take and pass the exam again.  The holder may also opt for the Professional or Specialist level certifications.

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