In every organization, there ought to exist one hub where all the information is being processed, released and revised. This place is called the knowledge management center. It may also be referred to in different terms (since many organizations prefer to have their own way of labeling things and positioning areas and assigned work places), but they more or less have the same characteristics that truly make them a center for knowledge management.

For starters, a knowledge management center will also most likely have its own method of storing and classifying information. This takes into consideration both technological means and manual means. When we say technological means, we refer to the computer and high tech gadgetry that are being used in order to come up with an efficient filing system that can be accessed with just a simple touch of a button. When it comes to the manual means, however, the hard copies of the information all throughout the years must also be saved. It is important to have these hard copies since can never know what might happen if a computer glitch ends up destroying all the soft copies that are meant to be accessed via computer. The hard copies will be stored in a filing base and labeled neatly so it can also be accessed in an easier manner should the need for it arise. These are but some of the things that will definitely have to be present when it comes to setting up a knowledge management center in your organization.

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