Research and information are made easy nowadays with the aid of the largest, fastest growing and most popular reference website available on the Internet.  This website is known as the Wikipedia.  If you are interested on information about a specific issue, the wikipedia has that for you.  One of the articles that you can learn about in Wikipedia is the Capability Maturity Model (CMM).  The Wikipedia defines CMM and links more related information on CMM. 

The Wiki is a technology design for creating collaborative websites.  Wikipedia has related links to topics about CMM.  Articles on CMM is written collaboratively by voulnteers around the world. Actually anybody can contribute at the wiki and the articles and links are continuosly updated.  The related links brings to you websites that will provide you detail information about CMM.  Any related changes made on the wiki website can be read as when the update was made.

The CMM Wiki provides the definition of the CMM and its structure.  The levels of CMM are defined including the  organizational implications under each level.  The CMM Wiki includes a level called as extensions.  Extensions is the zero level where developers are categorize as incomplete or immature. Discussion on the software process framework documentation is presented with the aim of providing a guide for those who wish to make a self assessment of their  organization/projects consistent  with the CMM. The CMM Wiki presents the history, origin, current state and future direction of the CMM.  Praises and criticsms are openly discussed.
******Bridging the Perfect Solutions thru CMM Accountancy

Most organizations are having procedural issues when it comes to accounting-related matters. Some of the more prominent accounting problems that majority of institutions are faced with are:  tax and filing issues, payroll matters, E-VAT and VAT related matters, and particularly about their accounts. 

Although there are quite a few professional people that you can seek help with regarding this matter, only a few of these are reliable and certified to perform the job. In addition to that, hiring these professionals will require a great amount of money to spend.

The CMM Accountancy is an all-in-one company that can provide services of not only improving your accounting processes but can also create a very productive accounting process for you company.  The CMM Accountancy can also make assessment on the current process that your company is engaged into and can make necessary recommendations about which areas need further improvement.  The best of this, the CMM Accountancy provides technical support to its clients as part of the continued evolution of the accounting process. 

The CMM Accountancy is capable of providing services in business consultancy where it is most needed by those people who are just starting with their business.  They are also experts in devising business plans for those who are in the planning stage. The internal accounting matters such as payroll, taxation issues, bookkeeping and others are also part of the services that they offer.  In short, the CMM Accountancy is basically a one-stop shop solutions provider to organizations having problems and issues that concern accounting and how to put up a business. 

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