Goggle has recently made announcements on the release of its new premier edition under Google Apps, which aid individuals in the communication and collaboration process. This new release shall be combining Gmail, Google Talk, Google Calendar.

This tool is said to be a reliable online communication and collaboration solution offering a 10 GB webmail storage and 24 hours and 7 days technical support. Further, since these are all hosted by Google, there is no need to install or download a hardware or software. There is also minimal set-up and maintenance.

What is promising about this edition? The Google Apps Premier edition is said to be posing a big challenge against Microsoft Office Suite. The main reason is that it is an affordable option from existing office communication and collaboration tools.
Another benefit is that individuals can store documents online and be able to collaborate with his other colleagues in different locations. There is also a 99.9% uptime ad technical support, which shall be useful especially for enterprises. Some of the included applications includes the following:

First, Gmail can now offer 10 GB instead of the 2 GB offered before. The application can now be run in mobile phones and can be accessed from other non-Goggle mail accounts.
Second, an individual can also access Google Talk, which allows file-sharing, IM and voice calls. IM capabilities are also built in the Gmail app and can be utilized without the Gtalk client.

There are a lot of Google Apps that an individual can access such as Google Calendar, Google Page Creator and others.

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