Which hosted blog is better – WordPress or Blogspot? Would I love having a wordpress.com domain name or a blogspot.com? These are the main concerns of most bloggers out there. They just don’t know which hosted blog service to choose from. Actually, both services are just fine but you need to choose which service would help you to easily meet your needs.

Blog Themes

As a starter, WordPress has a lot of themes to choose from.  It has 66 ready to use themes as compared to Blogger which has thirty plus themes. But then Blogger gives you much access to customize your templates. WordPress offers a little option for customizing your template but you can pay so that you can have more access to customizing your theme.


Another point of comparison is the navigation for each blog service. Blogger is easier to use since it has many options in managing your information. WordPress has also these functionalities but you need to study and investigate the navigation since it has a lot of menu items.


Both WordPress and Blogger allow you to publish your content to your own domain. Though the information will be published on their servers, you also have the option to publish it on your own website. This is helpful for most companies who have integrated their blogs on their website.

In conclusion, it all boils down to meeting your needs. You can use blogger for easy of use but then you might want to consider WordPress for its advance features.  What is important is that you can try each blog service for free and make your choice later on.

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