The software vendors are very essential and integral components that work together with the Enterprise Content Management.  It is these software vendors that generally help facilitate the effective functionality of the whole concept that embodies the Enterprise Content Management process.  

To these date, there are about a hundred software and hardware vendors that are competing with each other to get the best position in the ECM arena.  They remain competitive and strong in order to be assured of a better position on the annually announced magic quadrant.  Some of the more promising software vendors that are dominating the computing industry these days are the Microsoft Company, the Xythos, the Oracle Company which acquired the Stellent Company, the developer of the Universal Content Management and a pioneering company in the content management arena, the Hummingbird Limited, and the Open Text Company to name a few.

These Enterprise Content Management software vendors are very well respected in their own credits because of the established and credible status that they have earned both from the consuming public and the business sector.  Apparently, because these few software and hardware vendors are practically dominating the Enterprise Content Management arena, the other few software vendors remain in the background trying to capture the little capable companies which are in need of the technological tools to facilitate the ECM process.  

It is seen that there will be more and more software and hardware vendors that will try to create a name for themselves, but evidently, the limelight is currently owned by a few gigantic software solutions provider.

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