Mapping is a very intelligent tool that man has ever invented and conceived.  Mapping as a directional method to determine whether you are doing the right thing or you are on the right track has been proven to be very effective in achieving goals and ostensibly efficient in the usage of the resources. 

Every computing expert is very well aware on how a piece of a data is being used and transported from the memory object of the user’s device to the database storage that he or she uses.  This whole process of determining and locating where these data are being saved or to the least being used is what is referred to as the metadata mapping.

Metadata mapping is the process of  creating a method on how data is being segmented from the memory object of the user’s device and how it can be possibly mapped out, meaning located, from that memory object into the physical object such as the database storage.  A Metadata mapping basically allows or permits the application makers or developers to have a clear definition on how the mapping processes are capable if being made on a simple matrix format.  In this way, the metadata mapping becomes more simplified and easy. 

The metadata mapping uses a generic code in order to make sure that details needed to update, read, insert, and modify these data come in a very handy process.  This process then results into a far more effective means and way to save time, energy, and a lot more company resources. 

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