The Consequences of being Six Sigma Certified

Earning a certification is like similar to getting a passing mark on all subjects within your college curriculum. It is a proof that you have successfully completed all the requirements necessary for you to graduate and receive a diploma. As for Six Sigma, being certified with any belt, be it Master Black Belt, Black Belt, Green Belt and Yellow Belt, means you have satisfactorily displayed and acquired certain standardized capabilities that can help you in performing Six Sigma implementation tasks on any organization.

Being Six Sigma certified always come from the decision of the individual himself, though there are some companies who have strict policies of acquiring certification before you can actually perform more challenging roles and get the promotion you have been waiting for. In addition to that, taking on Six Sigma work will require much of your attention as you have to demonstrate competence to implement the knowledge that you have acquired in training.

But then again, getting high salary should not always be the driving force of Six Sigma certification candidates. First and foremost, you should love what is expected of you to do after getting certified. You should be self motivated and results oriented before taking on bigger job responsibilities as it will only make the situation worst if not taken seriously. In addition, getting Six Sigma certification will also take much of your time. You have to complete Six Sigma training courses before you can take any certification exam. Plus, it would cost you a considerable amount of money, which usually depends on the institution where you receive your Six Sigma training. So you better think about it. Being Six Sigma certified is no joke.

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