A certain organization or company can be easily assessed on how it would mature or grow in its capabilities in managing its software processes through the CMM or Capability Maturity Model. This model has long been used by different companies in proving their stand and stay on the competition ground with this hard assessment. Though CMM is widely-used now with various companies, it was only used for two sectors during its early years of implementation. These are the government projects and the different avionics software used for airlines. The assessment for airlines is shortened and known as the CMM airlines.

The creation of airlines is one proof of certain society’s advancement in technology. That is why airlines are among the first implementers of many new technological advances. For example, airlines were also among the first users of RFID technology for the passports. Of course, every government of every nation is focusing on airlines since this mode of transportation needs alert watch out and careful defense since terrorists commonly have access to a certain nation through airports. Due to that, there is what is known as avionics software. These are the aviation electronics software used for air transportation modes like aircrafts, artificial satellites, and airlines. Since aviation electronics software for airlines need to be always updated, these also need to be assessed through the CMM airlines.

The CMM airlines will undergo the five levels of assessment. Level 1 is called the Initial; level 2 is also known as the Repeatable; level 3 is Defined; level 4 is Managed; and level 5 is Optimized. With all these levels, airlines can be assured of the quality of their avionics software and they will also know what further improvements should be done for their software.

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