Web analytics is defined as the measurement and analysis of the behaviour of website visitors. It simpler terms, it is a marketing research using information technology. Many people who are involved with web technologies would be familiar with web analytics. It is quite significant for website owners if he wants to improve his website performance.

Why web analytics?

The website is a tool that publishes business products and services. It is a way to reach out to target audience who are possible buyers of the products and services. However, the website is not successful when readers doesn’t click on the site or even read the contents. This might happen because the site did not connect with the visitors, or the site is not thinking the way the target audience thinks. If the website thinks like the target audience, then the visitors will feel comfortable and would read the contents. If it really caters to what they need, the visitors might even recommend the site to their friends.

This is what web analytics is all about.  Web analytics will give the web owners the power to know what the visitors are looking for, how they reacted to the website and what improvements can be done to make the quality of the site better.  Aside from design and behavior analysis, web analytics is also used for server diagnosis, site problems, and even measurement of the effectiveness of marketing and advertising campaigns.

There are various definitions and uses of web analytics. The bottom line for this concept, however, is to help website owners to sell more or to have more readers or visitors.

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