The plugins are the reasons why the WordPress software have extended functionalities and features.  Although these plugins are not incorporated on the central part of WordPress, still, the use of the plugins is considered very important and crucial in the overall functionality of the software.  Depending on the necessity of the web logger, plugins are capable of not being installed onto the system.  However, for people who just love to have regularly updated weather forecasts and rating systems, the use of the plugins is very crucial essential.  

WordPress plugins were designed and contributed by any computer enthusiasts and are usually for free to the consuming public.  And before you actually download these files, you will have to remember a few things about them.  

a.    Do not ignore the disclaimer boxes about plugins.  The more things you know about these, the easier the process will be when you download and install them.
b.    Plugins need to be downloaded and uploaded in order for them to be properly installed.  With this being said, you will need to be familiar with some of the rules about file transfer protocol.  
c.    Plugins usually require the modification in some of the WordPress files and built-in templates.  Having this said, you will be needing familiarity with some of the helping tools like CSS, HTML (hypertext markup language) and PHP systems.  
d.    Always make it a habit that you create a back-up file for every download and upload that you do.  It is better to be safe in the end.  

Plugins are such essential scripts that can really help your WordPress web log achieve maximum functionality.  But just like any plugins, you need to understand them first prior to actually utilizing its features.

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