The term Call Center Management Jobs actually covers a broad range of possible positions that can be described that way. The common denominator is that a person who occupies one of these Call Center Management Jobs would have to manage one of the resources that make up a Call Center (meaning, the people, the IT systems, and the telecommunication systems, among others.)

For example, if you are in the Human Resources or Personnel Departments, that means you would be managing the hiring, training, and eventually monitoring of the daily progress of the people such as the call center agents.

If you are the Director of the Sales Department, you would be concerned with the management of the Sales of Services of the Call Center. This may be part of another department as well, or have overlapping functions like those of the Personnel Department.

An Account Manager might be covered by the Sales Department or have his own division to manage entirely on his own. He may have to collaborate with the Project/Brand Manager on how to set appropriate service level standards to meet with regards to customer service quality concerning a specific product or service.

Anyone who would be applying for any Call Center Management Jobs needs to be able to balance the people side of Call Center work with the need to produce the numbers desired by stakeholders like Upper Management and Investors. A Manager who understands the people side can inform agents on how to meet customer needs while being able to set achievable performance goals for the agents to aspire to.


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