Through the years, an architect is often associated with one word    drawing . Yes, this has been the sole perception of people towards architects   someone who knows how to draw buildings, houses, bridges, etc. But when Enterprise Architecture came into the picture, a whole new meaning to the word  architect  has been established as Enterprise Architecture does not only involve a set of design drawings or visual models but also business strategies, strategy decisions and financial analyses. This makes the job of enterprise architects quite different from the usual.

Without a broader knowledge on business perspectives, an enterprise architect may not be able to produce a high level design that can be used by the enterprise in its day to day operations. This may only cause problems that can eventually lead to failure in obtaining business goals and objectives. To gain such competencies, an enterprise architect must focus on the following disciplines that are very much crucial to business operations:

(a) Business Strategy   Every company has its own goals. It is therefore the enterprise architect s job to understand each objective and help companies form courses of action that can translate goals into reality. An enterprise architect can also give feedback and suggestions so as to prevent possible problems from happening.
(b) Organizational Dynamics   Changes in the organizational structure within a company is something that is inevitable. It is but the job of the enterprise architect to help the company make a transition and embrace new and innovative ideas that can be managed by the changed organization.
(c) Financial Management   When the company wants changes to happen, one of the things to consider is finances. The job of the enterprise architect is to analyze and give suggestions to come up with a perfect working decision.

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