The capabilities of Drupal jQuery in multimedia are beyond what some users actually know. Others are not aware that Drupal jQuery multimedia can be used in video and audio configuration. The Drupal jQuery supports media-rich sites and the user can also gain power in embedding and manipulating the images, videos, and audios that are found in your Drupal sites.
Drupal jQuery can integrate multimedia in any websites that employ Drupal. So if you creating modules for instance, you can include multimedia in your presentation to make it more comprehensive and informative. Also, the Drupal jQuery doesn’t only support multimedia but it also helps in dealing with problems face by content editors, data administrators, and web developers.
The Drupal jQuery media can be configured using basic configuration and advanced customization. In basic configuration, installation involves basic support. Basic support simply informs the users which types of nodes and plug-ins should be loaded and should have the File Fields to make it automatically operate.  To make Drupal jQuery media work, other links beside File Field links can be employed, but other links should be converted first.
Another thing needed in the installation is the media player.  Other specific and advanced settings are available to come up with the most updated documentation of your presentation.
For advanced customization of Druapl jQuery media, you can go out of the box and you can rely on the Drupal’s Developer’s Guide if you want to extend the scope of your presentation. The global defaults the jQuery media supports can be override when you do the configuration processes with the use of jQuery plug-ins. Other jQuery media links on the jQuery Media homepage on the Web and it can provide extended customization and alter settings that you want to configure in your module or presentation.

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