The Drupal software is described as collaborative and a project that is community-driven. It also features tools for documentations which are employed by various users and developers internationally. And since Drupal is community-driven software, the members of the community have the power to contribute in enhancement and improvement of the software, support, and other undertakings of the Drupal development.
One of the functionalities that Drupal provides is the module. Core codes are employed so that modules can be operated. Core modules that are created are first approved by the developers an the entire community, so it is safe to say that the Drupal modules are in fact created and written by the community members as it uses the PHP programming language.
The Drupal modules are designed to achieve flexibility, continuity and adaptability so that the users or the members of the community can have the power to customize their websites and create modifications based on their personal preferences.
For more definition, the Drupal module is in fact a set of routines that used PHP language. Once the Drupal module has been used, a module code runs just within the environment of the site. This is because all the functions and operations and even the structures of the key engine are accessible. Drupal modules also enabled when excellent design principles and a good paradigm for Drupal development are being worked out. The Drupal modules are considered as an open-source development paradigm so that when somebody is working out, there is no threat of any interference during the course of operation.

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