Even print modules now support the generation of PDF in the dissemination of the Drupal technology. In fact, there are community websites and forums that generate the most recent version of the Drupal handbooks in the form of PDF format regularly. The Drupal handbooks that are published even in daily basis include topics like: the overview of Drupal; the processes in installation and upgrading of Drupal; the developing for Drupal; the Drupal documentation; and other topics and issues about Drupal.
The Drupal handbooks are generated consistently by the community members of the website. In fact the handbooks that are generated are not only available in PDF format but other formats as well which include as a long HTML page and as Unix text files which all contain the same content.
The benefit that users get from the handbooks, whether it be in PDF format or other formats, is completely automatic. However, the viewing of the handbooks does not permit a very fine control over the software. Though there are bugs contained in the software, such bugs can be seen as interesting source of output. This is because some problems with the input may take place and this can result in inappropriate formatting of the PDF versions or sometimes it could end up being incomplete.
Therefore, Drupal does not only provide powerful software and services in content management systems but the community that surrounds the Drupal technology is aware of the reality that Drupal is increasingly expanding. That is why they came up with online materials like the PDF handbook to always get the users of the software updated and informed all the time.

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