The construction of the Drupal software is largely because of the impeccable strengths and features of the PHP (Personal Home Page) language.  The different versions of the Drupal software beginning with the older one, all have been developed and built using the PHP language.  

PHP language is commonly being used as the language to build many applications.  This is largely because of the sophisticated and modern look interface that it has.  This makes it easier and comfy for programmers to build and construct a new system.  In addition, the PHP language is capable of being supported by various software and hardware platforms which makes it very compatible and versatile to use.  

The Drupal software powered by PHP language is capable of being executed and run under different operating systems such as the Mac OS, the Wndows OS, Linux, Solaris, and some of the Open Source Operating Systems like OpenSolaris and others.  For the database management portion, the Drupal is also versatile as it can permit the use of the MySQL as its database management software and PostgreSQL for the repository and storage of databases and for other settings.  The versatility of the Drupal System permits the following features to be used:

•    Cstomize and modify the presentation interface of the system based on personal preference.
•    Create an automatic means to administer the tasks of the system.
•    Effective management of the website visitors and the contributing people of the site.
•    Pre-defined access granted to the administrator to generate and develop structure for the content.  

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