Two of the most utilized blog platforms are WordPress and Drupal. The two are so popular that they are being compared time and again. Many people are comparing the two and making their judgment as to which platform is better.

One might say that WordPress is better and others Drupal. However, it would really perhaps depend on the user’s needs and the user’s level of know-how.  For a new blogger, for instance, WordPress might be a preferable choice. WordPress is easy to install and set up. One would be writing on his first blog entry in minutes after installation. For blogging purposes, WordPress has more than enough features to offer.

On the other hand, more advanced users may want more features. Others want to try more complicated tools for their blogs. Then Drupal might be appropriate for them.

One must however take note that Drupal per se is not a blogging tool. Yes, it has blog features. But it’s actually comprehensive content management system. That is why it offers more functionality. It also offers better fine-tuning tools. And because of that, there is so much to learn as well. While a tech savvy person may find it very easy to use, a new Drupal user could take some time to understand the platform.

There’s also the issue on the way features are arranged in the Drupal menu. Some Drupal users say that it would have been better if all administration functions, for example, were all in one submenu.

WordPress is easier to manage since menus are arranged better. The dashboard, for instance, is very helpful in content administration. Commonly used administration functions are grouped so that other functions are avoided entirely. With fewer options on the dashboard, administration becomes simpler and easier.

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