The Standard Query Language Server or the SQL Server is such a powerful data management software.  It has the capability to handle and supervise unimaginable volumes of data; more to that, it is also capable of powerful data storage system and buffer management.  

Data storage is one such huge issue that conglomerate leaders experience once in their lifetime. As they say in the industry “information is power”.  Every piece of information that a company possesses is considered very essential to it; having said that, it is very important that a safe and secure storage mechanism is needed in order to have these pieces of information strategically stored.  Data storage is one of the powerful features of any SQL server software; more to that, it is capable of safekeeping almost any type of data there is.  The data storage mechanism of ay SQL Server is beyond comparison because of the intricacy in process that it uses, the pieces of data that are being stored take a various steps before it can be stored strategically.  Due to this procedure, the data that is stored is far fetched from being hacked or maliciously stolen.

Another function that an SQL Server has is the management of the buffer.  A buffer is a temporary storage that takes up spaces from the RAM (Random Access Memory) of the system.  The buffer is often the reason for the so many Input/output errors that a system experiences.  With the right management of the buffer, there is a bigger chance of eliminating all these disc input and output errors.  The buffer is a memory-dependent device.  The amount of space that it can use up depends on how much memory is available and how much the SQL server desires to allot for it.

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