An optional module in taking the ECDL review is the ECDL Unit E.  Unit E brings together all the 7 modules of the ECDL.  It is all about Using IT.  ECDL Unit E requires you to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding in computer through a series of theoretical elements.  The module covers the following:

1. Legal issues- includes topics on Data Protection Act, Offensive Materials, Copyright Restrictions, Back up systems and Data recovery and many other topics
2. Health & Safety – includes topics on student awareness on  repetitive strain Injury, glare from the screen and recycling and saving
3. Working With Applications – includes topics on integrating, embedding and linking data, cutting, copying and pasting data and generic formats
4. Good Practice- includes topics on learning the right way to copy, move and delete files, automatic updates, how to back up data and reduce virus infections
5. Application Search – includes the different ways to search for information, by using the words   OR and, Greater Than and Less Than, Equal To and Wildcards
6. Presenting Information – includes topics on  using headers and footers, templates, data type formatting and character cases during presentations

The ECDL Unit E is in a multiple-choice test similar to how Module 1 questions are given. The passing rate for Unit E is 80%, unlike all the other 7 modules where the passing rate for each module should be 75%.
Unit-E is not required to gain the full ECDL certification.  However, it is recommended that candidates study this module in order to put into perspective all the other 7 modules.

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