Analysts, right from the start are studying the possibilities of increasing market for enterprise content management. They have seen that at the onset of this application, there were just but a small market that responded to the importance that ECM applications presented. But then they have seen that going forward, these ECM applications such as FileNet, Open Text, Hummingbird, Documentum and other ECM producers would have a big share in the market. And what is more worth the wait is Oracle and Microsoft appearing in the limelight and making a big shake up with the ECM industry.

So what made this sudden forecast from these application analysts? First, they have seen that the government and insurance companies are leaning to using FileNet in their information management. Then they have seen that banks are being satisfied with using Documentum to collecting their unstructured information. More companies especially those who have integrated SAP or other enterprise resource planning in their business are using Open Text. Those who are using portals to get contact with their customers and those who are using Intranet in their networks are employing Vignette and they have attested to the wonders it brings on their information monitoring. Hummingbird on the other hand is getting the interests of those organizations which are into managing contracts and important correspondence from clients.

With the importance of each ECM application being reflected on these organizations, truly ECM will move and make its way in the market. It would surely answer the needs for content management and it would not only target the big companies but even the small and medium enterprises. Just watch out and see in the next coming years that ECM would make it big!

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